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Spanish Voice Over Services

Voiceover services are commonly used in audio or video productions to replace audio content. Moreover, companies are choosing to use voiceover services more frequently to entertain and inform their target audiences via multimedia services, like visual and audio media. Voiceover services have a prevalent role in the translation field because without voiceover, it would be impossible to convey the same multimedia message to different cultures and populations. Because voiceover services require particular timing and sequencing, it is important to hire someone with knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Spanish Target is widely known in the Spanish voiceover field. Our voiceover services have been used for many major local television and radio commercials. In every voiceover project, our certified team of professionals will guide you through the process and will be with you and your company from beginning to end to guarantee your satisfaction with a high quality result. We have done voiceover work for marketing and informational TV spots, among a multitude of other clients and industries. You can listen to one of our many voiceover samples.

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Voiceover Process

We are proud to offer a complex and in-depth process to provide the best Spanish voiceover finished product according to your company’s needs. Our process is so invasive in order to acquire and deliver the best voiceover work possible for your business needs.
First, we will analyze the source material and select the appropriate human translators to interpret your material according to its dialect and audience. We will assemble a team of translators who have experience in the field and dialect necessary for your project. Additionally, we focus on the gender, voice quality, style, and accent needed to ensure our voiceovers are as close as possible to the original source voice

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