Telephone Interpretation

Telephone Interpretation Services

Spanish Target offers comprehensive and accurate telephone Spanish interpretation services. Our team can take its in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language and utilize their skills for use over the phone. As with all projects, our human translators and Spanish interpreters maintain a sense of confidentiality and respect with all clients and their sensitive information.

Our diverse background of Spanish dialects is what sets us apart from other Spanish telephone interpretation services. Depending on the specific dialect of Spanish your guest speaks, we can match an appropriate interpreter to ensure the most accurate message is conveyed.

The live telephone interpreters at Spanish Target have undergone rigorous training, are experienced, and will work closely with you to guarantee your message is conveyed clearly. We are proud to offer a variety of services through our live telephone interpretation, including complex medical matters, legal dispositions, personal calls, and an endless assortment of others. Whether your phone conversation subject is educational, business, medical, or legal, Spanish Target is here to help by offering experienced, competent, and affordable live telephone interpretation services.

Live Phone Interpretation Process

At Spanish Target, the process for setting up a live phone interpretation is quick and simple. Call our toll free interpretation number at (866) 620-3651 and one of our live attendants will immediately assist you and direct you toward an appropriate translator based on your needs. Our live phone interpretation services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to professionals, businesses, and private citizens alike. You can access our services and phone number both on United States soil as well as abroad – no matter where you are, affordable and attainable translation services are always at your fingertips!

What to Expect

Our human interpreters are contractually bound to adhere to our strictest confidentiality agreements; apart from that, our interpreters will continuously offer professionalism, bilingual fluency, and subject matter expertise. In addition, we are able to record and offer transcriptions of phone conversations upon request. We are 100% committed to providing accurate and reliable Spanish translations by human interpreters

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