Spanish Dialects

Just like there are different dialects of English—American, British, Irish, and others—there are various dialects of Spanish. For your document to take special prevalence and have maximum effect on a group of people, translating your document into localized Spanish is key.

At our clients’ request, Spanish Target will provide tailored translations for Spanish documents specific to a dialect. For example, we can localize your document to Costa Rican Spanish, Spain Spanish, or United States Spanish.

If you want to specifically address a local market, the best and most penetrative message would be one that is tailored to that locality’s dialect. Localizing your documents or projects into a specific Spanish dialect is not always necessary, but is often best to address specific markets. At Spanish Target, we offer localization services for Spanish websites, Spanish business documents, and Spanish legal documentation.

We provide:
Website localization, Software localization, Online help localization, User documentation localization, Multimedia localization, E-learning platforms localization, Computer games localization and Interactive packages localization among others.

Which Spanish to Use?

If you have a specific audience, translating documents into their particular dialect is crucial. Spanish Target offers Spanish translation in specific dialects, like Mexican Spanish or United States Spanish. Our human translators come from many backgrounds, allowing our team to offer Argentine Spanish translations, Bolivian Spanish translations, Colombian Spanish translations, Costa Rican Spanish translations, Cuban Spanish translations, Dominican Spanish translations, Guatemalan Spanish translations, Puerto Rican Spanish translations, Mexican Spanish translations, South American Spanish translations, American Spanish translations, and Spain Spanish translations, among numerous others.

Localization Process

When localizing a document into a specific dialect of Spanish, the process is deeper than word choice. The localization of any Spanish translation requires accurate portrayal of culture, politics, and aesthetic style deemed acceptable in your target region. We provide localization services for all projects, including software localization, computer games localization, interactive packages localization, multimedia localization, and website localization. Website localization is a process that examines your current website and analyzes areas that commonly need localization, including content, graphical elements, forms, currencies, and search engine optimization. In any circumstance, our localization experts will work closely with you to achieve the optimal Spanish dialect and culture for your needs.

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