Spanish Target offers on-site interpretation services that include both simultaneous and consecutive Spanish interpretation. Upon request, we provide professional equipment for interpretation purposes, including radio or infrared transmitters, wireless headsets, and interpreters’ stations. The audience’s headsets are DC operated and entirely mobile, increasing the usability and easiness of the Spanish interpretation process. Interpreters’ stations include sound booths, headphones, and an audio control center consisting of a microphone and a console. The right equipment is needed for superior interpretation services.

Qualified Interpreters

Our translators and interpreters are fully bilingual in various Spanish language dialects. In addition to their language skills, we only select interpreters who possess extraordinary memory, listening, and concentration skills to ensure the highest quality of Spanish interpretation possible. Our interpreters are able to clearly and accurately communicate the original statement’s meaning and tone. Moreover, our interpreters are specialized by fields, so they bring to the field additional knowledge of the subject in addition to their Spanish language and interpretation skills. Our Spanish interpreters have undergone rigorous training to become masters in interpretation and adequate communication. Each interpreter understands the strict guidelines that encompass on-site interpretation and translation. Of course, our interpreters follow strict standards of confidentiality and quality Spanish interpretation.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretations

The types of interpretations vary based on the needs and setting of an environment. Spanish Target offers consecutive Spanish interpretation as well as simultaneous Spanish interpretation. We will be able to provide knowledgeable Spanish interpreters who have mastery in the type of interpretation necessary for your business needs.

Consecutive interpretation is when the professional interpreter will begin interpreting once the original speaker has stopped. Having time to analyze the message as a whole will allow the interpreter to offer the clearest and most accurate message possible. This type of interpretation is best for small group settings like client meetings, medical consultations, or legal dispositions.

Simultaneous interpretation includes instant, real-time translation and demands accurate and complete translation. It is often used in larger settings and requires audio equipment like soundproof booths, headsets, and microphones

At Spanish Target, we are also available to provide interpretations over the phone. We can help you decide which mode of interpretation is best for your needs—just contact us for a quote or further information.

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